Hyderabad Heroes

Mohan Hemmadi

He is among the group of people who run Sparsh Hospice the palliative care unit founded in 2011. It looks after patients suffering from terminal illnesses, free of cost and was the brainchild of several doctors and philanthropists who wanted to give back to society. It is not just end-stage treatment and pain alleviation that the centre provides. It offers a touch of humanity, a realisation that the final journey does not have to be uncomfortable.

The centre provides entertainment, conducts cultural activities, trips and even gets jobs for its residents. The residents at Sparsh say the centre has made them free of their fear of death. Each story coming of here is heart-breaking. Like that of a young man detected with last stage liver cancer, who wanted to get a job and buy his parents some nice clothes. Sparsh made it happen, before he passed away.